Nietzsche's Search

Beginning quote:
"We are unknown to ourselves, we
men of knowledge - and with good
reason. We have never sought ourselves -
how could it happen that we should
ever find ourselves?

-Friedrich Nietzsche



Sigmund Freud on several occasions has said of Friedrich Nietzsche: "That no other man had a more penetrating knowledge of himself than any other man who ever lived or was ever likely to live."


We each as human beings at some juncture in our lives have expended time and effort to discover who we really are in relation to various insights and opinions of ourselves. This expedition into the realm of the senses is a natural journey for all of us who are hungry to understand what possible future lies before us. The question is enormous but let us try to condense it.


"What is my relation to myself, art, science, aesthetics, epistemology, truth, history and humankind itself?


Many people complete that search with such alacrity mainly because of the fear of inner demons that can't be erased - hence they erect an emotional human shield which is in self'-denial. One presumes this shield will carry them through life. Or simply this group of people suffer from good old fashioned sloth.


Others presume to "think out of the box" in order to find their answers. This is an admirable trait which does require alot of work, yet the question still arises: "Has my search been thorough and complete?"


Nietzsche falls into the third category. Let us review:


1st: Those who don't think at all.
2nd: Those who think out of the box.
3rd: Those who were never in the box and approach cognitive solutions from a higher plain.


Very few people fit into that third tier. From the very beginning of his philosophical career Nietzsche has served his readers well by gliding his pen through a series of books which were born from a lifetime of sorrow, heartbreak, serious health problems and PAIN which he so enthusiastically embraced. Pain and suffering is the tunnel we must travel through in order to reach the higher being.


What made Nietzsche so unique was not the revelation of the inner-self, but rather the constant never ending search for possible questions and solutions. It is not the discovery but rather the investigation that produces results. To paraphrase Descarte: "I SEARCH, therefore I am.


Finally, we are all put to the test, but it doesn't always come in the form or fashion we envision.


End quote:
"The discipline of suffering, of great suffering - do you
know that it is this discipline alone that has
produced all the elevations of humanity so far?"

-Friedrich Nietzsche