The Übermensch as Duality

Beginning quote:
"What is good? All that heightes
the feeling of power, the will to power,
power itself. What is bad? All that is
born of weakness. What is happiness?
The feeling that power is growing,
that resistance is overcome."

-Friedrich Nietzsche


Good afternoon America.


The Übermensch (over-man) has arrived. In fact he has been here since the turn of the last century. America just wasn't listening or watching when this higher being arrived at our shores.


Who is this Übermensch? The answer is quite simple. You see him every morning as you glance into the mirror. We wander the streets everyday by the thousands yet are blinded by our conformity.


Nietzsche's Übermensch demands the emergence of the individual to become the higher man through self mastery. How is this grand ambition to be accomplished? First one must escape the confines of conventional thought and the horrid conformity of society known as "the herd mentality", or even better expressed as "slave-morality.


Nietzsche insists that we dare to ask uncomfortable necessary questions in order to search for the truth in ourselves. We must reform our internal chaos. The "untruth" will set you free.


Human individuality in all it's forms comes at a high price. One must destroy mediocrity and from this rubble a nation can once again unite itself. Democracy demands an individual cognitive process in order to survive. Therein lies Übermensch as Duality.


Is America ready for this change? Is America ready for real independence?


End quote:

"Can you give yourself your own
Evil and your own Good and hang
your own will over yourself as a law?

-Friedrich Nietzsche