A Quote as Reflection

Beginning Quote:
"To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance,
you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation
with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence"

-Friedrich Nietzsche


Greetings America.

I have always found it amazing that very rare extraordinary writers are always able to express their thoughts in a clear, calculating and precise manner with such brevity in their choice of words.


The impact of such dialogue can be applied to so many situations that life has to offer, yet so many of us cannot hear or refuse to at least glance at such wisdom. Why? What the hell, lets face it, a huge percentage of Americans won't even pick up a book to read. Our investment in education and knowledge has deteriorated to iPhones and texting with television and video games coming in at a very close second.


Let us use Nietzsche's beginning quote at the top of the page as an example of how our elected officials in Washington mirror that quotation.


First and foremost it very easy to predict the ordinary behavior of less than ordinary people known to us as congressmen, senators, lobbyists and finally president and vice president, better known as hyenas, jackals, bottom feeders and charlatans.


From the very first day that these scoundrels take their oath of office they promise their fellow citizens to implement actions and policies that will further all that is vital and good to humankind. In other words they lie to us and instead push an agenda which consists of:
1. A protracted war.
2. Total collapse of an economy.
3. Government shutdown.
4. Bad socio-political policies.
5. Tax increases and deficits which cannot possibly be resolved.

Finally we come to the last portion of Nietzsche's quote and ask the simple question concerning our representatives: "What intelligence?"


How do philosophers such as Nietzsche become forefront thinkers? Simple answer. We must all make a concerted effort to read the works of these gifted free thinkers. Their fresh ideas and solutions will reveal themselves.


On a final note I predict one thing that is absolute: "Our conventional ways of thinking for the past fifty years or better will rot our country to its very core".


Until next time.
Dimitri Bogdanovich


End Quote:
"Belief in the truth
commences with the doubting of all those "truths"
we once believed"

-Friedrich Nietzsche