America Flummoxed

Beginning Quote:

"One must still have chaos 
in oneself to be able to give
birth to a dancing star"

- Friedrich Nietzsche


Welcome back everyone. Anytime one decides to sail on a new endeavor he or she is met with a little insecurity, trepidation and a modicum of internal chaos. Hence, as you all have noticed my procrastination concerning my new blog. Consistency on a weekly basis is my goal and with your help I'm sure the ship will sail much smoother. Thanks for your patience. Let us begin.


America in on a chaotic collision course with many various countries of the world and especially itself.


While the politicians and heads of state falsely announce their predictions by telling citizens that things are improving, in actuality America is collapsing on all fronts: politically, culturally economically, the arts, science, medicine (particularly health care) and especially on the educational-intellectual level.


We have become a disposable culture where the newest technology, fad, or celebrity is predicated strictly on its economic value while disregarding any type of socio-enriched culture.


America has clearly mistaken opulence for intelligence. U.S. capitalism has anchored itself on Marx's historical materialism in which the only commodity being bartered are pictures of Benjamin Franklin and only in the form of one hundred dollar bills.


As Nietzsche amply said: "God is dead", then Benjamin Franklin is alive and well and brings with him a financial scorched earth policy.


End Quote:

"Insanity in individuals is something rare-but in
groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule."

- Friedrich Nietzsche


In the next article we will discuss why Nietzsche's thoughts and theories should be at the forefront of the American thought process.


First assignment: For those of you who are not familiar with Friedrich Nietzsche please check the many web sights on the internet. Replies and comments are welcome.


Dimitri Bogdanovich