Nietzsche's Frontier

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is a name synonymous with such words as complex, contradiction, nihilism, existentialism and misogyny. His approach to life stems from the darkest reaches of humanity. From this dark abyss he has been able to produce an enormous amount of thoughtful light. On the very-positive side Nietzsche also conjures up such praises as brilliant, unique, and vitally acerbic.

He is unapologetic towards his attitude on just about every aspect of society which includes such issues as morality, politics, women, science, love and human relationships and some of the fiercest attacks on religion (especially Christianity) that has ever appeared in print. His oeuvre also bears witness to the total lack of individualism which society heaps on its citizens in order for governments to sustain mental and moral control. It is what Nietzsche has labeled "the herd mentality". From this brief introduction I hope to create an ongoing dialogue with my audience. My goal is to explore Nietzsche's unique intellect in which you will encounter some of the most creative and original theories and ideas along with a writing style and prose that is witty and unmatched. Whether you agree with Nietzsche's  philosophy or not his genius is apparent while his curiosity is overwhelming. On a final note: One of Nietzsche's most important objectives as a philosopher was to instill in his readers the capability to think for themselves in order to break society's conformity. Beginning dialogue: 1. Does all of America finally need to clearly hear what Nietzsche has to say? 2. Should Nietzsche's exceptionally strong will towards life and struggle be introduced so that America will once and for all stop pitying itself? Your valuable thoughts and comments are welcome.

Dimitri Bogdanovich.