Nietzsche and The Burden of Historical Change

Beginning Quote:
"All things are subject to
interpretation. Whichever
interpretation prevails at
a given time is a function of
power and not of truth."

-Friedrich Nietzsche


From the very beginnning of his academic years to his assignment as professor of philology at Basel University at the ripe old age of twenty-four Nietzsche understood the dangers inherent in epistemological currents.



History on a percentage basis is dangerous. And why? Simple, because man in epoch or in an individual personal state cannot help but repeat his blundering mistakes. After having re-read his inspiring essay: "Of theAdvantage and Disadvantage of History for Life", the jury is quite clear. The overwhelming lack of individual cognative process (herd mentality) is destroying America's socio-geo-political structures.


Nietzsche's unshakable bind on "Der Wille zur Macht" (The Will to Power) has had such a dominating influence on our political and especially cultural upheavals during the last and current century that it has brought out an explosive influence for the the overwhelming force of Nietzsche's appeal.


America's first lesson: History itself and especially Hegel's historical dialectic is in constant decline due to the never changing eternal vicious cycle.


America's second and final lesson: The way to break the eternal recurrence of history is to make a clean departure with systematic thinking.


We suffer from what Nietzsche calls "the historical illness" and the excessive esteem of history as nourished by Hegel's outlook of reason

into everything historical. The rabid awarness and overemphasis on history will surely paralyze our spirit of action and destabilize civilization.


In the final analysis too much knowledge and history stifels the will to power and completely obliterates the will to a new kind of progress. 


Nietazsche's attack on the abuse of history is valid and now America must look into the abyss in order to solve it's mounting problems.


End Quote:

"Those who cannot 

understand how to put

their thoughts on ice 

sould not enter into the

heat of debate."

-Friedrich Nietzsche